The success and prosperity of every organisation is down to its people. Right now, organisations and its employees are facing unprecedented challenges in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment.

What is the performance passport?

The performance passport is a unique set of coaching tools that we've developed to complement your experience with Latitude Adventures to ensure it provides long lasting positive change.

» Adventure Coaching Toolkit
» Leadership; Energise & Activate Programmes.
» Mastering Resilience Toolkit

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What is FLOW and why does it improve performance so effectively?

FLOW quite simply is the science which identifies how humans feel and perform at their very best; a state of mind and physiology which allows the highest level of motivation, attention and engagement.

Learning and developing can take form in many ways, but without doubt the outdoors provides the novelty, complexity and unpredictability required to access flow states and experience true transformational gains. Sitting around the same desk in the same office space and expecting big breakthrough moments is unfortunately quite unrealistic; but it’s easy to justify and doesn’t take much effort which is why we so often do it. Understanding how to facilitate and encourage FLOW states is key to accessing the full potential of your human resource.

At Latitude Adventures we equip organisations and their individuals with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to transform and build resilience, develop leadership and build a performance culture.

• Transform and build resilience by developing 6 key areas.
• Transform and develop Leadership.
• Transform and build a performance culture.


The team at Latitude Adventures are experienced at coaching and facilitating in a range of environments for a range of customers; on the side of a mountain, over zoom, around a campfire or that good old reliable office space. Delivering leadership development at entry, middle and senior levels, leaning on years of experience in the commercial, military and education sectors.

In addition to leadership consultation services, our experience lays in the development of resilience within individuals and organisations. Whether it’s personal interventions or a focus on designing a strategy for psychological safety across the whole organisation; we can develop the right knowledge, skills and attitudes required.

Why Us?

Some of the greatest gains, developments and understanding of human performance in recent years has come in the arena of extreme sports athletes and high profile expeditions. Optimal experiences and developing high performance through accessing FLOW states is the very foundation upon which Latitude Adventures is built.

We combine our unique experience with that latest concepts and research available to ensure our experiences are transformational. Organisations such as the US Special Forces, the British ARMY, GOOGLE, the UN and NIKE are all using the concept and science of 'FLOW' to enhance both harmony and productivity within the work space and across the workforce.

Our Talks: Keynote speaking

Will Batho

An inspirational talk given by Will Batho where he tells us a personal story about his experiences on Mission Himalaya in 2018, where Will and a team of wounded, injured and sick (WIS) serving personnel and veterans attempted to summit Mera Peak on Centenary of WW1. Will’s story links his experiences in the mountains with his reflections on piloting helicopters in Afghanistan and draws out some of the key components of personal resilience and wellbeing.

Jon Lord

A unique insight into Jon's lessons learnt from coaching and facilitating elite military units and specialist government agencies in coping, and performing under pressure. Identifying key themes and traits that allow individuals to preserve and the links between an organisations culture and resilience.  


  • Such an important subject and a fabulous, heartfelt, brave, soul baring presentation - well done and thank you!
  • Your experiences, knowledge and skills will be a huge bonus for us. Thank you for sharing your story today, I feel very lucky to have heard it.
  • Your honesty and openness to talk about such a difficult time in your life will reach lots of corners in this organisation I hope
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